Discover the joy of cooking up health and happiness with me! 🌱🍳 Join our friendly on demand cooking classes and learn to create delicious, healthy meals without feeling overwhelmed. Let's embark on this flavorful journey together & have fun doing it!

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Whole Foods 4 Life Program

One-time payment
$ 297
  • Join me as I teach you how to cook healthy & delicious recipes through the convenience of my on-demand classes! If you're really ready to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable, this is the program for you! It's filmed through all the seasons to take advantage of the fresh produce & the recipes are adapted to each season.

Other Available Classes

Date Night Virtual Cooking Class

One-time payment
$ 19
00 only
  • Let's spice up your Valentines & have a fun intimate experience in the kitchen! Join us with your spouse, friend, child, or anyone to make delicious a meal together with this Valentines in the comfort of your home rather than going outside for dinner.

Healthy Habits Bootcamp

One-time payment
$ 29
00 only
  • It's not about restrictive diets or overwhelming regimens; it's a refreshing approach crafted for busy moms who seek sustainable, family-friendly ways to infuse healthy habits into their busy schedules, Whether you’re looking to stop dieting or just to feed your family healthier.

Stress-free Holiday Freezer Meal Prep

One-time payment
$ 19
00 only
  • Join me & Miki as we help you assemble you some of our favorite freezer meals to get your freezer stocked & ready with 12 meals that are not only a time-saver but also a game-changer, helping you beat the holiday rush & stay on top of family meal time.

Sandy's Almond & Chocolate Pie

One-time payment
$ 10
00 only
  • Learn step-by-step on how to make Sandy’s famous Almond Crunch & Chocolate Cream Pies! Two of our favorites – one unique and one classic! In this “cook along” style class, you’ll learn how simple & easy it is to make a good pie (even if we do used pre-made pie shells). Ha ha ha!

Healthy Kids Cooking Camp

One-time payment
$ 30
00 only
  • This program is designed to help teach kids basic skills in the kitchen! Learning new skills makes them more confident in life & in the kitchen. The kids will cook right along with Suzy & Sierra as they show you every step of the way through the on demand classes! It is designed for children approximately 8-14 years of age.

Sandy's Famous Fresh Peach Pie

One-time payment
$ 10
00 only
  • A full step-by-step video tutorial of my mother, Sandy, teaching you how to make her famous peach pie!! BONUS: Learn how to use the filling for banana and coconut cream pie as well!

Here's what you will learn about "Whole Foods 4 Life" Program:

the 80/20

Embrace the 80/20 rule:  80% of the time you focus on eating clean whole foods, while the other 20% you can indulge guilt-free. 

No restrictions!  

No more counting or dieting!

This is not about perfection…it’s about progress!

knowledge &

Decrease your cravings for junk food as you gain knowledge how to slowly up-level your food choices and read labels to avoid harmful ingredients & improve your microbiome.  

 Gain confidence in the kitchen with skills & new healthy habits that will improve your families’ physical and mental health.

healthy recipes

Family-friendly recipes that will bring the whole family to the table to strengthen family bonds & create healthy habits for future generations.

I will show you “step-by-step” how to make each recipes & all the tips needed to be successful as you cook along with me!

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